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A great deal of people love the concept of strapping on a pair of inline skates and ripping down the street. But it’s really hard ? Well, like any skill, it takes a bit of mastery, but once you get it, you have a supply of free transportation with the added advantage of keeping fit.

You push out one skate to the side to get electricity, and the other one remains on the floor and glides you forward. You then swap sides and do the same again and so forth. So the only tricky bit is balancing.

If you don’t have a qualified instructor to show you what to do, here are my top tips:

  1. Don’t lean back. Keep your weight on the balls of your toes, never further back than that. Those pesky wheels will flip you over backwards if you ignore this tip.
  2. Practise balancing on one skate. It will seem impossibly hard (hold on a wall initially ). But each time you do it, you’ll get a tiny bit better. The best skaters look cool as they can glide. When you can glide you can slow down your strokes and feel in control.
  3. Bend your knees and keep them bent. Do not undo step 1. So as to do this!
  4. If you can not stop you will never have the confidence to skate properly. And skating is about confidence, balance and skill. To use your heel brake, keep both feet on the ground, but with the braking foot slightly out in front. The majority of your weight needs to move into the trunk – notice I say the back skate, not the BACK of the back skate! To brake, lift up your braking foot like taking it off a car accelerator. This will put the braking rubber in contact with the ground. The key thing here is to control your weight balance between front and back skates. You need to only transfer a small and controlled amount of your weight on your braking skate. Try it!


  1. Get some lessons from a qualified instructor. If you can’t find one near you, use You Tube videos or similar for you on your way.

Happy skating!

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